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Client: Stink // Vayner Media

Project Name: Budweiser “Wassup 2.0”

Tech: Full Remote Production with Mobile Kit

Client: Hilarity for Charity

Project Name: HFC Virtual Game Show

Tech: Full Remote Production with Mobile Kits + Live Stream + Custom Platform Build

Client: Amazon // Partizan

Project Name: Ready for School

Tech: Remote Kit Filming

Client: Facebook // Partizan

Project Name: Facebook Messenger Rooms

Tech: Full Remote with Cameras sent to talent

Client: Ulta/Little Minx

Project Name: Ulta | Where Dreams Begin

Tech: Remote Production from Site

Client: Make Way

Project Name: Make Way 360 in Store

Tech: Custom Video Conference, with 360 Store viewing

Client: Fela

Project Name: DJ Khaled ft. Drake - POPSTAR

Tech: On Site Remote Link ( VTR and DIT )

Client: Stink // AirBnB

Project Name: Hosts Ring Open Bell

Tech: Remote Production Link Across 16 Countries in 6 days. Remote Footage Collect

Client: Alexi Lubomirski

Project Name: Maybelline

Tech: Remote Photo Shoot with Witness